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Dec 5, 2011

It has certainly been a long road to get here, the runoff election for Savannah Mayor.  But, at this point, voting is what is left. Please get to the polls and cast your ballot, and take friend with you if you can.  If you need a ride to the polls, please call campaign headquarters at 912. 691.4903.

Campaign headquarters will be open from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m. on runoff election day, December 6th. Then, our party moves downtown for our viewing party.  Please join us at the Inn on Ellis Square starting at 7:00 p.m. for our watch party as the results come in.  We will have a cash bar, light refreshements and free parking will be available in the hotel’s garage. We hope to see you there!

I would like to take another opportunity to thank everyone who has lent a hand in some way for this campaign.  It is more than just about me, this campaign is about Savannah’s future.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve my city

Edna Jackson for Mayor Endorsements and Supporters:

Elected Officials

Former Mayor Floyd Adams, Jr.

Congressman John Barrow

State Rep. Bob Bryant

Former Alderman Ellis Cook

Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin

Commissioner David Gellatly

State Rep. Craig Gordon

Alderman-Elect John Hall

Atlanta Councilman Kwanza Hall

Commissioner James Holmes

Senator Eric Johnson

Alderman Van Johnson

Alderman Clifton Jones

Atlanta Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell

Commissioner Harris Odell

Alderwoman Mary Osborne

Former State Rep. Dorothy Pelote

Former Commissioner Joe Murray Rivers

Commissioner Patrick Shay

State Rep. Mickey Stephens

Commissioner Priscilla Thomas

Alderman Tony Thomas

Ambassador Andrew Young

State Rep. Al Williams


Jennifer Abshire-Patterson

Alonzo Adams

Burney L. Adams

E. Bruce Adams

Jettie M. Adams

Robert & Juanita Adams

Sherbie Adams

Teddy & Bubpa Adams

Vicki Agyekum

Rev. Dr. L.E. Aiken

Margaret Allen

Dr. Obayode Ayewa

Barbara G. Baker

Carolyn W. Baker

Rev. Joseph E. Baker

Rev. Del Barksdale

Dr. Bettye A. Battiste

Gus Bell

Bob & Betty Bess

Bridgett Bess

Dr. Sandra M. Best

Dr. Marguerite Birt

James Blackburn, Jr.

Kaki Blackburn

Carol Roberts Blake

Pastor Rick Bready, Sr.

Dr. Annette K. Brock

Pastor Marion Brooks

Drs. Emerson & Carol Brown

Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, Jr.

Rev. Matthew Southall Brown, Sr.

Lemuel & Beatrice Campbell

Shevon Carr

Walter Carson

Scott Center

Joe Cetti

Sam Christie

Kevin Clark

Rev. Bernard Clarke

Claudia Clarke

Bishop Earl Coleman

Arna Cooper

Deborah Cooper

Rev. Samuel Cooper

Drs. Alphonso & Evelyn Dandy

Bill & Linda Daniel

Rev. Dr. Norris D. Darden, Jr.

Joyce Davis

Tommy Dortch

Chester Dunham

Kenneth & Frances Dunham

Celia Dunn

Donald & Versie DuPont

Jerry Eastridge

Gloria Edwards

Pastor Juanita Edwards

Betty Ellington

Rev.  & Mrs. Chester Ellis

Rev. & Mrs. Edward L. Ellis

Rev. Frank Ellis, Jr.

Ed & Jane Feiler

Bishop Willie Ferrell

John Finney

Rev. Dr. Debora Y. Fonteneau

Michael A. & Patricia Foran

Sylvester Formey

Rev. Dr. John Foster

Rev. Lester Foster

Charles & Dr. Freddie Gilyard

Elveria Glover

Minister Herbert Goodwin, Jr.

Pastor Jackie Gilbert Grant

Steve Green

Pastor Ronald B. Gregory

Randy Gunter

Jackie Haberman

Deacon Greg Hagins

Yvette Johnson Hagins

Connie Hall

Pastor Joyce Hall

Rev. Richard L. Hall, Jr.

Beautine Hardwick

Rev. Dr. Clifford E. Hardwick, III

Ella Harmon

Dr. Pat Harris

Daisy Harrison

Wade W. Herring

Lolita L. Hickman

Paul & Frances Hinchey

Father Charles & Evalena Hoskins

Randy & Rhonda Houston

Debra Howard

Ethel Hunter

Kevin Iocovozzi

Catherine Jackson

George & Eunice Jackson

Kevan Jackson

Maxine Jackson

Roy & Alvernia Jackson

Rev. Aaron M. James, Sr.

Robert & Shirley James

Robert E. James, II

Rev. Britney Reese Johnson

Debra A. Johnson

Rev. Mary Johnson

Joseph & Mattie Johnson

Rev. Betty Jones

Rev. James Jones

Maryann Jones

Prophet Derrick R. Jordan

Jane Khan

Nathaniel Kearse

Rev. Rosalind Kent

Pastor Sammie Kenty

Pastor Clarence Kinlaw

Audrey W. Lang

Stephen Lee

Minister Mitchell Lester

Anne Lipsey

Tim Mackey

Rev. Ricardo Manuel

Thelma Marshall

Pat Mathis

Anne McGee

E. G. Miller

Rufus L. Miller

John W. Mitchell

Rev. Myra Mitchell

Rev. George Moore, Jr.

Howard J. Morrison

Dr. Virginia Morrison

Walter & Cindy Murphy

Elder R. Nathaniel Neal

John L. Neely

Rev. W. James Nelson

Eugene Nwosu, M.D.

Bishop Matthew M. Odum, Sr.

Rev. Willie J. Outler

David Paddison

Julian Pafford

James L. Pannell

Zachary Peak

Benjamin Polote

Rev. Charles Purnell

Rev. Sandy & Evang. Gwinnette Pusha

Leon Quilloin

Ruby Rawlison

Jeanette Ready

Walter Reed

Brian & Sandi Reese

William Rhangos

Pastor Willie C. Rice, Jr.

David & Swannie Richards

Rev. Charles Roberson

Rev. Kenneth Rouche

Patricia Rutledge

Kenneth & Jodie Sadler

Anne L. Scheer

Dianne Scott

Apostle Dr. Hazel Scott

Janette Scott

Rev. Wilson Scott, Jr.

Pastor Paul Sheppard

Rev. Johnnie Shields

Swann Seiler

Esther Shaver

Janice Shay

Dr. Joseph & Rosalyn Silver

Earlyn Simmons

Minister Jackie Small

Rev. Nathaniel Small, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Small, Sr.

Cynthia Smith

Rev. Larry Stell

Rev. Louis S. Stell, III

Drs. Robert & Charlease Stevenson

William E. Stiles

Brooks & Carolyn Stillwell

Rex Templeton, Jr.

Arnold Tenenbaum

Bert Tenenbaum

Zelda Tenenbaum

Rev. Constance Thomas

Rev. Thurmond N. Tillman

Janie Toomer

Carolyn Trimble

Ben & Gloria Tucker

Andrew Udinsky

Gary B. Udinsky

Nevil & Deborah Vacciana

Tyrone Ware

Frankie Washington

Anna Cooper Watson

Jeanette Westley

Rev. Dr. Bernita Williams

Rev. Clarence “Teddy” Williams

Frances Williams

Pastor Marc Williams

Jake & Sherrie Williams

Rev. Dr. Samuel & Claudia Williams

Sandra Williams

Dorothy Wilson

Lois Wooten

Helen Young

Ida Young

Drs. Michael & Linda Zoller

Pat Zorc



A E Beach Class of 1962

Georgia Equality

Savannah Area Business PAC, Inc.

Savannah Central Labor Council

Savannah Morning News


Teamsters Local 728

The Savannah Tribune

The Trigon Group

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